Professional Health & Herbal Consultation

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Due to popular demand, Team Plants is now offering personalized virtual health consulting!

You now have the option of working one-on-one with our naturopathic physicians to take back your health and stay healthy long-term, using nature's original medicine.

Your consultation package includes the following:

  1. Initial 30-minute video call/phone call. In this first session we gather all the data we need pertaining to your unique medical picture. We will then be able to create the appropriate herbal medicine and lifestyle plan to fit your specific needs to help you regain your health and vitality. This first meeting lays the framework for all future meetings and provides you with the exact tools you'll need to get started.
  2. Follow-up 30-minute video call/phone call. In this second session (3 to 4 weeks after session 1) we get an update on your health and adjust your plan accordingly. Changes to the plan may or may not be necessary depending on your overall progress. Future appointments will be scheduled at the end of each follow-up call.

You also have the option of scheduling an initial free 15-minute consultation to determine whether or not we would be a good fit for you.

We are excited to help you on your health journey. 

Schedule your first appointment today!


Our consulting service is not designed to diagnose your medical condition(s) but instead to guide you in selecting the appropriate herbal medicines and natural remedies for your specific health symptoms and/or pre-diagnosed condition. Always consult with your current primary care physician as well to ensure that they are up to date with any changes in your health plan.